Simple sensors

Thinking about adding a sensor to my electricity meter, I started looking at what others had done. There is some great stuff out there and a lot of  CurrentCost hookups. One thing that struck me was that the bar was set pretty high in terms of technology: hacking bits of hardware, Arduino boards, programming etc. That led me to pondering some sort of hookup that could use stuff people were likely to have and was low-tech enough to put together. What’s in the shed then?

  • Old phones. Everybody has at least one (or more).
  • Mice (PS/2 , serial not the squeaking sort).
  • Junk, toys, old radios and other bit and bobs.

So, first question – can you read a meter using a mouse but without unsoldering the ir sensors? Ive got an old wheel-mouse in the junk box. Time to experiment.